Partner Increases Sales for Fiber Internet Subscriptions with Outbrain

Success Story

Partner Communications Ltd. is a communications company that operates a cellular network in Israel under the Partner and 012mobile brand, providing local telephony services, internet access services and international calling.


In July 2021, the company launched its fiber internet service supporting internet connection speed of up to 3 GB. It has an online tool that allows users to check if their residential address is connected to Partner’s fiber internet infrastructure, without the need for assistance from a Partner representative.


The campaign maximized the benefits of the Outbrain platform for effective lead generation, based on those who used the verification page to check whether their residential address was connected to fiber internet.


Universal McCann Digital, the media agency managing Partner’s marketing budgets together with Outbrain, built a performance strategy that included a direct referral to the residential address verification page.

The campaign was launched on mobile and desktop, with separate campaigns for the various devices and audiences, using these tools:

Conversion Bid Strategy: Outbrain’s automated optimization tool identified users with conversion potential, based on the relevant data of the network, account, and campaign.

Remarketing and Lookalike Audiences: Use of high-quality audiences in distinguished campaigns to increase chances of conversion.

Geo-targeting: To focus on cities where Partner’s fiber internet infrastructure was already rolled out.

Outbrain’s Standard ad experience: A classic native format, featuring an image, headline and CTA button to drive conversion.


With Outbrain’s data-based optimization solutions, we were able to create an additional performance channel for gathering high-quality leads. Exposing web users to our ad on top sites when they are in a mode of discovery has yielded excellent results.”

Shay Alleni, Head of Digital, Data & Growth, Partner

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