Journey to Tuscany: Onyx Elevates Attention to European Travelers 

Success Story is the official tourism website of Tuscany and the destination’s digital ecosystem – meeting the expectations of modern travelers through a compelling digital experience.


Ranked among the top regional tourist destination websites in Italy, sought to draw attention among travelers based in the UK and Germany. Digital Angels, understanding the need of to deliver a video journey that captures audience attention and elicits emotional response, developed a multichannel strategy that included the open web. By combining the sophisticated capabilities of the Onyx platform – environment, experience, and technology – ran an interactive experience designed for true impact.


Using Onyx’s Contextual Pre-Roll video experience, the campaign seamlessly integrated video storytelling and product consideration into a captivating content media format. Built with attention in mind, Onyx’s unique prediction technology and video experience was placed within in-article placements across premium publisher environments. This ensured that these placements were able to capture attention, while the video experience helped sustain it among audiences for optimal engagement. 


We decided to integrate Onyx as a new digital advertising platform for video ads, targeting two of our strategic target countries: Germany and the UK. Videos performed well with a good VTR and a CTR over benchmark data, adding a relevant boost to the impact of the whole digital strategy.”

– Costanza Giovannini, Project Lead,

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