Prisma Media Achieves +82% Revenue with Outbrain’s Smartlogic Technology

Success Story

Prisma Media, a leading press group in France with brands such as Femme Actuelle, Capital, Voici, and Télé Loisirs, reaches more than 42 million people every month.


Constantly looking for new solutions to develop its revenues while boosting user engagement, Prisma Media tested Outrain’s Smartlogic technology.


Smartlogic is Outbrain’s new serving logic that allows for much more granularity and dynamism in the recommendations made to users. Smartlogic enriches the experience by offering a wider range of editorial and paid advertising formats. It also allows a dynamic adjustment of these formats according to user preferences and publisher KPIs. Prisma Smartfeeds, integrated on all sites in 2019, have become even smarter and increased user engagement. 


Just one month after integrating Smartlogic, Prisma Media has seen a sharp increase in revenue and reader engagement with its content recommendations. The results observed on all of the group’s sites since the activation of Smartlogic are:

Outbrain has been our native partner for over 10 years now. We are very satisfied with the results obtained throughout our collaboration and we have since created a real relationship of trust. This relationship has allowed Outbrain to immediately identify our needs and respond with a new product, Smartlogic, that has gone beyond the objectives of engagement and revenue that we initially set. We count on Outbrain to continue supporting us in our development, while keeping the reader at the center of our interests.”

Maxime Mesmin, Partner Manager, Prisma Media

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