Care by Volvo Generates Awareness for its New Subscription Model with Outbrain

Success Story

In October 2018, Swedish premium-car manufacturer Volvo launched an all-inclusive car subscription to meet an increase in mobility demands. The subscription gives customers a luxury vehicle for a monthly fee, inclusive of insurance and tax coverage as well as maintenance. The only thing the customer needs to pay for on top of the monthly fee is fuel. Customers also enjoy flexibility with the ability to change their car or cancel their contract with just three months notice.


To draw potential customers’ attention to this new service, Care by Volvo and its online marketing agency SaphirSolution turned to Outbrain.


Care by Volvo and SaphirSolution pursued a two-part strategy to achieve their goals which were to bring awareness to the whole breadth of features of this service and convert customers. The auto company leveraged Outbrain’s Run-of-Network ads, High Impact placements, and Outbrain’s innovative Click-to-Watch video solution. These ad formats coupled with Outbrain’s advanced targeting possibilities, let Care by Volvo reach its target audience.

In the awareness phase of the campaign, audience segments were created based on consumers who had engaged with the ads. These segments were then retargeted in the subsequent phase of the campaign to achieve conversions.


Care by Volvo was able to generate 1.8 million unique site visits via Outbrain in 6 months. By retargeting the Outbrain audience segments and using Lookalike Audiences, they were able to achieve higher conversion rates that were 4 times higher than standard campaigns. Furthermore, SaphirSolutions identified a “Halo Effect” ie. an increased investment in Outbrain led to increased conversions across other channels.

Outbrain is an effective partner for introducing a new service like Care by Volvo to a target audience within a very short time. We are very satisfied with the performance in the upper sales funnel. Additionally, we were always kept up-to-date regarding new Outbrain products or campaign optimizations.”

– Timo Feldewerth, Senior E-Commerce Specialist, Care by Volvo

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