One&Done Workout Achieves 3.9K Paid Subscriptions in Just 2 Months with Outbrain

Success Story

One&Done Workout (O&D) is a high-intensity, interval training program led by fitness guru Meredith Shirk. Exclusive partners of award-winning agency Kendago, the O&D team was interested in channel expansion to drive user acquisition at scale. Kendago already had video dialed in for O&D’s brand activity but sought to diversify it beyond Google, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok.


With extensive knowledge and expertise in native advertising, Kendago tapped into Outbrain for its performance-centric solutions and video advertising capabilities on the open web. 


O&D and Kendago collaborated closely with Outbrain to formulate a winning strategy based on 3 major pillars:

– Outbrain’s video ad format, Clip, whose engagement-focused elements (such as an end-frame CTA button) helped spark user action among O&D’s target audience.

– Conversion Bid Strategy, Outbrain’s automated optimization tool, enabled Kendago to achieve its CPA goals and generate positive ROAS.

– Kendago’s expertise in delivering the right user experience across video and landing pages created an optimized combination of short-form video ads and text and video trailer pre-landers for the funnel itself. 


Using Clip, O&D was able to easily adapt existing video assets for high-performing creatives. The campaign drove a maximum number of conversions at a better ROAS, as users seamlessly went from the short Clip ad, to watching the trailer and engaging with the full length videos.  

Outbrain’s unique Clip ad format was a great way to amplify the client’s strengths in utilizing video with native ads. Combining Clip with the right funnel and customized landing pages created the perfect formula to bring in new subscriptions at a great ROI.”

– Adam Feldman, Vice President Business Development at Kendago

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