Revolution Agency Uses Amplify to Get Voters Out

Success Story

Revolution Agency is a public affairs and political agency that finds custom traditional and digital solutions for Fortune 500 companies, leading industry associations, and political organizations.


Outbrain was included as part of an overall digital strategy that targeted independent and swing voters in Pennsylvania that were likely to vote. The campaign was for Prosperity for Pennsylvania, a Super PAC supporting Senator Pat Toomey’s re-election. Prosperity for Pennsylvania’s goal was to provide voters new and pertinent information about Toomey’s opponent, to further define her as the wrong candidate for Pennsylvania. Revolution and Prosperity for Pennsylvania were initially drawn to Outbrain’s targeting abilities and network of premium publisher partners — but the results were ultimately why Revolution and Prosperity for Pennsylvania continued to invest in the amplification efforts.


In the month and a half leading up to election day, the campaign leveraged geo-targeting and audience targeting to ensure Prosperity for Pennsylvania’s content reached moderate audiences. By targeting a carefully crafted list of publishers, it was able to earn the attention of independent voters in Pennsylvania and inform them about the candidates vying for votes. It also relentlessly tested imagery and headlines to ensure it was driving the strongest engagement. This testing strategy lead to CTRs that was 2.5 times higher than similar advertisers.



By targeting swing voters in Pennsylvania, Outbrain was able to decrease Revolution and Prosperity for Pennsylvania’s CPC 53% over the course of the campaign, while driving 2x more unique visitors as paid social campaigns. 81% of the engaged Outbrain audience identified as somewhat active or active politically. Additionally, 64% of our audience identified as independents.The overall campaign CTR was more than 2.5x the average rate with CPC of $0.47. By driving the right audience to the landing page, Revolution Agency saw an unheard of bounce rate of 1.67%, meaning that users found the content relevant and intriguing 98.33% of the time.

By testing both traditional and outside-the-box messaging on Outbrain, we were able to optimize our campaign to drive voters’ opinions, show our client it was moving poll numbers, and ultimately helped to re-elect Senator Toomey.”

Mark Dion, Partner, Revolution Agency

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