Agility and Revshare: Planet Media Boosts Revenues with Outbrain

Success Story

Founded in 2000, Planet Media is an independent digital media group that has become a leader in content and services for digitally connected seniors in France.


The group represents more than 14 million readers each month and more than 4 million subscribers through its brands,,, and Zest. Planet Media’s latest challenge is to develop new growth models, both in terms of audience and monetization.


To achieve these objectives, Outbrain and Planet Media Group initially favored a classic “guaranteed” revenue contract, which guarantees the payment of a pre-defined revenue based on publisher traffic. In exchange for this security, the publisher strictly adheres to the placements and integrations on the page, as determined during the partnership. Ultimately, the “revshare” alternative emerged as the chosen approach, providing a simpler and more flexible partnership. This allowed Planet Media to optimize Outbrain’s formats and integrations, and to regularly test for the best solutions according to audience segments, their location, or the group’s objectives. 

This partnership allows the two companies to move forward together, leveraging new product innovations. In fact, Planet is regularly among the first French publishers deploying Outbrain’s latest products: one of the new optimizations recently carried out was the integration of new formats via prebid.js, one of the first in France.


The flexibility of the revshare contract, implemented in September 2019, has allowed Planet Media to strongly boost its revenues.

As it is for most publishers, a guaranteed contract with a partner is revenue security. However, we quickly realized the limitations that this type of contract brings, especially for testing new things and continuously optimizing. The Outbrain team was able to find an effective solution via a revshare contract. Thanks to our joint efforts and the products offered by Outbrain, such as Smartlogic, Audience Campaign and Header Bidding, we have achieved significant revenue growth. We look forward to testing Outbrain’s upcoming product releases to reach the full potential of our partnership.”

Thierry Philippet, Director of Revenue Management, Planet Media

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