Brand Studio & Onyx Deliver Custom Experiences to Captivate Audiences for Leica’s New Home Cinema

Campaign Performance


higher attention score vs. standard display


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Lift in brand choice after exposure


“We set Brand Studio with a significant challenge - to translate the art of home cinema into a digital canvas that the mobile screen could deliver. The design direction hit all the right notes - bringing to life CINE 1 to Onyx users; delivering those all important results on the platform's high attention, premium environments.” - Tim Hübler, Director of Paid Media, Muhlert Digital

The Challenge

Leica, renowned for its iconic cameras, offers innovative solutions characterized by indisputable quality. This commitment to excellence makes Leica the preferred choice for loyal customers worldwide. The CINE 1 - the first laser TV from the brand linked to cinema - continues the Leica legacy: moving people through imagery. The brand sought to elevate the all-in-one entertainment system with creative assets that delivered the feeling (and art) of home cinema. The campaign’s creative dimension aimed to translate this innovative and authentic living room experience onto the small screen of a mobile canvas.

The Solution

Leica engaged Brand Studio to design custom experiences that fused together video storytelling and product-led narrative. With full access to the campaign’s creative assets, the Brand Studio design added layers of animation and engagement to capture and hold audience attention, mid-scroll. In allowing the user to uncover product features and video storytelling on their own terms - the four unique rich media formats drove over 50% completion rate of the video asset, with a deep dwell and high multi-touch rate. Delivered on high-attention Onyx environments, the results showed that open web users who engaged with the ad were captivated by a product experience they could touch, explore, and imagine in their own home.

Preview on Mobile


Research in collaboration with Lumen was conducted to verify the impact and uplift of Leica’s campaign with Onyx.

  • Brand uplift:

    7 out of 10 users felt the interactive format told them something new, while exposure likewise drove positive brand perception for Leica, such as being a quality and innovative brand.

  • Hands-on engagement:

    The interactive format captured viewer attention 54% longer compared to the static ad while outperforming Lumen benchmarks for active attention vs. all other display and social channels.

  • Designed for impact:

    More than 38% of viewers said they preferred the interactive experience mixing in compelling visuals and video assets compared to the static ad. Respondents were 1.5x more likely to choose Leica after exposure, while +33% were more likely to say they would buy CINE 1 as a result.

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The goals of this campaign were to drive verified awareness and attention for our new, quality product. Beyond engagement rates, high attention environments, and quality traffic delivered by the campaign itself, our work with Onyx and the Brand Studio team gave proof to the creative impact and uplift of the Leica brand."

Tatiana Zhemaytis

Online Marketing Manager, Leica