Eargo has 100%+ Greater Lead to Sales Conversion with Outbrain Compared to Social

Success Story

Eargo manufactures and sells invisible, comfortable, rechargeable hearing aids direct-to-consumers online.


Eargo’s goal was to obtain new, qualified leads who are serious about improving their hearing and ready to purchase Eargo’s hearing aids.


Eargo targets this specific population using a variety of Outbrain advanced targeting tactics including Custom Audiences, Interest Targeting, Geographic and Demographic Targeting, and Lookalikes. By optimizing and layering these techniques, Eargo is able to target the relevant audience most likely to purchase new hearing aids.


Eargo and Outbrain built a playbook for success with these tactics, identifying and scaling a primed audience, eager to learn more and take action. Outbrain campaigns exhibit a strong leads to sales ratio.

Outbrain leads convert to sales 40% better than comparable web traffic, and more than 100% better than Social Media traffic. By targeting our top converting zip codes, we were able to more than double our conversion rate from a lead to a sale. Additionally, we found Outbrain targeted our desired zip codes with a much greater accuracy than similar web vendors – leads generated from zip-code targeted campaigns reported having a zip code that was within our targeting set at over 3x the rate of the next best native ads vendor.“

James Noyes, Growth Marketing Manager, Eargo

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