Lancôme Pilots Branding Campaign for Audience Attention Using Onyx by Outbrain™

Campaign Performance


Attention Unit score (AU) vs. standard display


Viewability (DV)


"This campaign was a real first; an opportunity to explore innovation and impact in an increasingly busy digital world. For Lancôme, being able to optimize toward audience attention is a transformative model; one that makes platforms and media plans accountable.” - Aurélia Miquel, Digital Media & Acquisition Director, Lancôme

The Challenge

Lancôme is a French cosmetics and luxury goods brand belonging to the L'Oréal group. Over the decades, Lancôme has disseminated its vision of French spirit and elegance through major innovations that have established its position as the world leader in luxury beauty. The "La Vie est belle" campaign featured two of the brand's muses, Julia Roberts and Aya Nakamura. L'Oréal is constantly on the lookout for new, innovative formats. One L’Oréal, the Publicis Media trading team in charge of the digital strategy, recommended exclusive, first-use of Onyx’s High Impact Display format, Hybrid, piloting the campaign on a new attention KPI and thereby going beyond viewability.

The Solution

Onyx by Outbrain is a new branding platform, comprising exclusive placements within the heart of articles on the biggest premium media sites. Thanks to the Publicis Media trading team who optimized the campaign, Lancôme leveraged the exclusive Hybrid experience developed by Outbrain’s in-house Brand Studio, bringing together video storytelling and product consideration in one rich media format. In addition, through Onyx’s partnership with attention measurement platform, Adelaide, campaign performance was optimized using the AU score - a proven metric, correlating attention in quality environments with outcomes.

Preview on Mobile

How We Measure AU

Outbrain’s partnership with Adelaide measures the probability of attention (AU score) across all Onyx in-article experiences. When Adelaide assigns an AU score to a specific placement, it indicates user attention strength and the probability that placement can achieve desired outcomes. As reported by Adelaide, Onyx High-Impact Display performs:

  • 53%+ better in terms of AU vs. benchmarks standard mobile banners

  • 20%+ better than benchmarks for other high-impact/rich media formats

  • 26% better on average vs. Adelaide's overall display & rich media combined benchmarks, across all device types

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The results were proof that attention as a metric can deliver quality and scale. For Lancôme, the format itself allowed video storytelling and product consideration to not just coexist - but work in harmony. We saw quality audiences delivered through engagement with the video and gallery, respectively. It showed that our high-profile ambassadors garnered active attention from Onyx audiences - allowing them to explore the products in a non-disruptive moment of exploration for brand building.”

Nabil Ait Yahia

Trading Director, Publicis Media