Sisley Activates Onyx & Outbrain Amplify Suite for High-Performing, Full-Funnel Partner

Campaign Performance


AU score (+87% vs. standard display)


engagement rate




"Utilizing Onyx experiences for High-Impact Display were effortless and impactful. Each format delivered the same creative assets for the Autumn/Winter campaign in a unique way. Served across the new, high-attention Onyx environments and technology, we saw a significant uplift in the engagement and quality of traffic from Outbrain as a full-funnel partner." - Tania Grigolo, Head of Digital, Sisley

The Challenge

Sisley wanted to engage open-web audiences with its Autumn/Winter seasonal line and creatives. With video storytelling and user connection at the core of the campaign, the brand wanted to deliver its creative assets with digital innovation that could capture and keep the attention of a fashion-savvy audience.

The Solution

Onyx experiences feature ready-to-use rich media formats that fuse together video and display assets in new and exciting ways, delivering over 50% higher attention than standard open-web display benchmarks. For this campaign, Sisley chose three of the Onyx exclusive experiences from High-Impact Display: Swipe, Showcase, and Hybrid. In terms of delivery and engagement, each has respective strengths but all encourage the user to interact with the formats through active engagement including initiated video, swipe, and tap CTAs. The results saw an overall engagement rate of over 5%. Using Outbrain’s consideration and performance platform, Amplify, the brand then retargeted users with lower funnel messaging using native formats. This full-funnel approach drove >100% higher CTR.

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How We Measure AU

Outbrain’s partnership with Adelaide measures the probability of attention (AU score) across all Onyx in-article experiences. When Adelaide assigns an AU score to a specific placement, it indicates user attention strength and the probability that placement can achieve desired outcomes. As reported by Adelaide, Onyx High-Impact Display performs:

  • 53%+ better in terms of AU vs. benchmarks standard mobile banners

  • 20%+ better than benchmarks for other high-impact/rich media formats

  • 26% better on average vs. Adelaide's overall display & rich media combined benchmarks, across all device types

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The Attention Unit rating of over 38 that we saw with Onyx showed that these dedicated environments provide the perfect stage for impactful storytelling - and space for digital innovation. With an engagement rate of over 5%, we were impressed by this collection of formats that allowed us to test and learn from the presentation and performance of our creative assets. This full-funnel approach to the campaign drove a competitively lower cost per landing on the retail site and we saw a significant shift in the volume and quality of traffic when leveraging both the Onyx and Amplify offerings."

Tania Grigolo

Head of Digital, Sisley