Outbrain Helps Swiss Sense Improve Site Visits to Bed Configurator Page by 300% in “Always-On” Campaign

Success Story

Swiss Sense is a leading player in the European market for beds and bedroom products. The company has more than 128 stores and a web shop in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Denmark.


Following the shift in consumer habits due to the global pandemic, it became even more important for the company to ramp up its digital strategy for increased quality site traffic. In search of scale and performance outside the walled gardens, Swiss Sense and agency Greenhouse partnered with Outbrain. The campaign goal was to drive engaged users to the brand’s bed configurator page at a competitive CPA.


To meet its goal, Swiss Sense leveraged Outbrain’s Standard ad experience — a classic native format that offers a clean and simple way to showcase a brand’s message and call-to-action. Using this ad format, Swiss Sense leveraged engaging creatives that invited users to compose their own boxspring online.

Quality traffic towards the configurator page was driven using Outbrain’s Conversion Bid Strategy tool to optimize towards the highest- performing inventory and audiences across premium Belgian media owners, such HLN and Voetbalnieuws. After initial results proving native advertising to be a top performing channel for Swiss Sense, the brand moved away from one-off campaigns to an always-on approach.


Swiss Sense exceeded its goals in Belgium thanks to Outbrain. Along with these great results, Swiss Sense also performed well in Germany and the Netherlands, leading the company to scale the campaign across all markets.

The Outbrain Benelux team had full ownership and accountability of our campaigns and took the time to explain the potential benefits of an always-on campaign setup. This transition allowed Swiss Sense to achieve a lot more bed configurations at a much lower cost than previous campaigns focusing on discounts and sales.”

– Maurice Boller, Display Specialist at Greenhouse

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