Breuninger Achieves Outstanding CVR with Conversion Bid Strategy

Success Story

Breuninger is a successful fashion and lifestyle company. Breuninger offers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience across its department and online stores. More than 1,200 brands, including premium and newcomer labels, can be discovered by fashion-loving customers at


With the objective of generating sales as efficiently as possible for its online store, Breuninger pursued a native advertising campaign using Outbrain’s Conversion Bid Strategy tool.


Due to the premium brands Breuninger offers, finding the right fashion-savvy target group was essential. Thanks to Outbrain’s extensive reach and proprietary interest data, Breuninger could ensure the most relevant and qualified audiences for its campaign. Focused on gaining new clients, Breuninger used creatives that match the look of its landing pages to efficiently target its desired audience.

To maximize conversions, Breuninger leveraged Outbrain’s Fully Manual Conversion Bid Strategy. This tool allows advertisers like Breuninger to automatically optimize different campaign parameters, such as CPC, section bid, and hour bid, to generate the greatest number of conversions within a defined budget.


Conversion Bid Strategy enabled Breuninger to efficiently generate conversion rates up to 0.89%, which by comparison was 30% higher than standard campaigns without automatic optimization.

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