GSK Achieves Outstanding Video Completion Rates with Outbrain Click-to-Watch

Success Story

GSK‘s Sensodyne has been the leading toothpaste brand for sensitive teeth for many years.


Because teeth are especially sensitive to pain when exposed to hot or cold food, or in environments with extreme temperatures, the brand decided to play on this theme for the creative execution of their brand campaign.


Sensodyne produced a one-minute short film about Yakutsk, the coldest city in the world, describing everyday life in the city for its residents, some of whom suffer from sensitive teeth. Together with Ellusion, one of the leading digital agencies specializing in healthcare, GSK developed a strategy to effectively distribute the Yakutsk video and increase brand awareness for Sensodyne.


In order to achieve the highest possible engagement and viewing time, GSK selected Outbrain’s Click-to-Watch video ad experience.

Unlike other formats such as pre- or mid-roll, Click-to-Watch requires the user to actively choose to play the video (opt-in). The Sensodyne film was distributed within native placements across Outbrain’s premium publisher suite.

Upon user click, the video opened up on the page with sound to truly engage the user and capture their full attention

GSK solution


The high level of user engagement is reflected in the results: the average viewing time was 37 seconds (out of 60 seconds), which corresponds to 62% of the total duration. The completion rate was also high at 49%, far better than the global average completion benchmarks * (‘Audible and visible on’ completion rates: 29.5% for the desktop and 14.8% for mobile).

In addition, the brand achieved a 10.3% conversion rate with a video integrated banner/CTA driving back to a Sensodyne landing page, further demonstrating a high user brand affinity.

Outbrain Click-to-Watch is a compelling solution for brands, it offers a channel where the user actively opts-in to watch video content, thus ensuring higher engagement than across other video formats. Unlike the established pre-roll model, this new format delivers users who have opted-in to watch the video. The great results in terms of video completion rate and average viewing time confirm that the format works very well.”

Claudia Trübenbach, Digital Content Manager DACH, GSK Consumer Healthcare

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