Opera Achieves Major Lift in Revenue via Direct Programmatic Integration with Outbrain

Success Story

Opera is a leading global web innovator that started with browser products and is increasingly expanding its offering and business. Today, Opera offers a range of products and services that include PC and mobile browsers, the AI-powered news aggregator Opera News, as well as e-commerce and classifieds apps, to hundreds of millions of users around the world.


Opera was looking for ways to monetize traffic from both its Opera Browser and Opera News app. While maximizing revenues was a key objective, finding the right solution that maintains a strong user experience and high engagement level was fundamental for Opera.


Opera partnered with Outbrain via a direct programmatic integration to monetize its browser and news app solutions through a range of engaging native advertising formats. Most recently, Opera has embraced video and display ads – all presented in a native way that seamlessly integrates with the user interface.

Through this partnership, Opera was able to connect to Outbrain’s global demand from over 20,000 advertisers, across 245 countries. This has enabled Opera to meaningfully increase the monetization of its innovative mobile inventory in a non-intrusive and engaging way for users.


The results of the first year of partnership between Opera and Outbrain were a success, and the numbers speak for themselves:

We’ve seen strong annual revenue growth since the beginning of our successful partnership with Outbrain. Outbrain’s native advertising formats are a non-interruptive and robust monetization source for our Opera Browser and Opera News app solutions. The direct programmatic integration was seamless to set up and the scale that Outbrain’s global demand brings has resulted in solid revenue increase, which we are thrilled with.”

De Barros Marcio, Programmatic Director, Opera Ads

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