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The Line is a new kind of retail company that invites consumers to discover goods that inspire shoppers to make them their own. By combining rich editorial storytelling with immersive online and offline experiences, The Line shares the origins, creators, meanings, and uses of items that are carefully chosen to enrich a life well-lived.


Outbrain’s discovery platform allows The Line to promote gorgeously designed owned media assets called “The Stories.” Outbrain serves these assets to mass audiences browsing content on premium publishers and to blogs who are likely to be interested in the Line’s branded content.


Making the most out of earned media: When The New York Times wrote a feature about its brick and mortar store, The Apartment, titled “It’s a Home. It’s a Shop. It’s…,” The Line was also able to use Outbrain to extend the reach of the story to digital audiences browsing other sites. Thanks to Outbrain’s conversion pixel, The Line was able to track purchases that originated from the story – one of which amounted to $28,000.Patience is a virtue: Moving a site visitor from their initial click on a headline to a conversion at a future date is a process that can take time and multiple visits. For visitors who did convert through the email sign-up form or a purchase, the average amount of time between their first click on The Line’s content and their conversion was 27 days. Nearly a month!Optimizing for Efficiency: Using Outbrain’s Demographic Market Area (DMA) targeting feature, The Line is better able to control where, geographically, their content hits consumers, and in doing so increase the efficiency of their spend.



The Line further extended DMA targeting to all of the content they promote through the Outbrain network, and once implemented they saw these results. The discovery marketing campaign they run with Outbrain for owned content is optimized to promote the content that is converting the most visitors to action, like email sign-ups and purchases. The Line’s strategy proves that by providing quality experiences consistently, content marketing is more than a boost to branding. It can drive revenue, too.

Outbrain has been key in helping us find the ideal audience — one that’s curious about the experiences we have to offer and willing to buy or simply hear more from us, given the right prompts. The fact that we’re able to drive these kinds of transactions with consumers at scale and with increasing efficiency has made Outbrain paramount to our marketing strategy.”

Bailey Foote, E-Commerce Manager, The Line

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