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Success Story

The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) is the lead government agency in charge of attracting foreign direct investments into Singapore and building the country’s reputation as a global business center.


In March 2014, EDB re-launched Singapore Business News (SBN), a digital publication covering key Singapore FDI announcements and Asian business trends. SBN offers a variety of resources including case studies, news articles, and videos. The content is designed to create value for investors and companies interested in business in Asia and Singapore. EDB wanted to grow SBN’s subscriber base and distribute the content to a larger business audience in the United States.


With a reach of over 190 million unique visitors in the US alone, Outbrain helped EDB connect with new audiences and drive traffic from premium publishers. In April 2014 EDB, through its media agency MEC, launched its campaign with Outbrain using the extensive range of news stories and infographics from SBN.

The campaign quickly increased traffic and engagement on the website. This could be attributed to the quality content that was being amplified and to the ongoing optimization support from Outbrain. EDB also kept the content fresh, publishing stories on a regular basis.



In just six months, SBR’s daily traffic increased by 40%. Through content optimization, EDB improved their headline click-through rates by 400% and attracted about 900 new visitors daily.

By taking a holistic approach to content marketing and partnering Outbrain, we were able to reach our audiences in an authentic way. Tailored content, an optimized website and targeted amplification allowed us to drive high engagement, and ultimately conversions in the form of newsletter sign-ups.”

Dane Lim Deputy Director, Marketing & Communications Singapore Economic Development Board

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