Vertbaudet, Kid’s Fashion Retailer, Reaches a Qualified Audience

Success Story

Putting children first since 1963, Vertbaudet pays particular attention to parents’ requirements and childrens’ needs, applying its expertise to create stylish collections that offer great value for money.


Vertbaudet, an e-commerce website specializing in children’s fashion, was looking to advertise its flagship product, indestructible pants, through a “sponsored” blog campaign. “E-journalists,” designated by the brand, wrote about the quality and usefulness of the product on their respective blogs. As an add-on to the editorial content they created, the bloggers directed their audiences back to the online store through links and banners.


The following were Vertbaudet’s two main aims:

  1. To significantly increase the visibility and audience of the sponsored blogs to enhance the reputation of the indestructible pants.
  2. To optimize the number of visitors who converted by visiting the Vertbaudet e-commerce website after reading the blog.


To achieve these objectives, Outbrain recommended the following solutions:

  • A personalized, unique reading experience. Vertbaudet’s aim was to make this product known to the widest and most interested audience. Outbrain’s Discovery proposal was the perfect solution. The algorithm-based technology recommends content through it network of premium publishers to users based on their interests and preferences. The identified audience was qualified in three ways:
    • The reader is identified through data as being potentially interested in this kind of content.
    • They then go on to click on the link that interests them.
    • Finally, they are convinced by the blogger’s positive content, before having the option of being redirected to the online store
  • Significantly boost the visibility of the “sponsored” blogs. By definition, bloggers have a limited readership. With a Reach of 70% within France , Outbrain reaches a large majority of Internet users, guaranteeing Vertbaudet that their content will be seen by a wide audience. (Source: Comscore-December 2013)3. Optimizing Cost per Acquisition (CPA). Outbrain was able to optimize the CPA in two ways:
    • Due to a very high level of clicks, they were able to significantly reduce the CPC (Cost per Click).
    • Moreover, with the help of a conversion optimization tool, Outbrain’s teams were able to drive the majority of traffic to the bloggers with the highest levels of conversion (i.e. visiting the online store).
TBTG case study


Outbrain has been able to substantially grow the visibility of Vertbaudet’s iconic product through quality content. Outbrain’s collaboration with the brand resulted in a 62% decrease in the cost per visit to the online store. This campaign was based on a win/win situation that benefitted both Vertbaudet and the bloggers. Vertbaudet significantly enhanced the promotion of its product, indestructible pants, within the blogging community, as well as across a wide, targeted, interested audience on major media websites: TF1, France Télévision, Libération, 20 Minutes, le Nouvel Observateur, Grazia, and 750G.

This campaign greatly helped to grow the visibility of the sponsored blogs (50% more unique visitors reached, compared to sponsored blog campaigns run without paid media), and thus significantly increased visits and sales on (40% more traffic and 50% more conversions).”

Maud Faulon, Traffic Manager at Vertbaudet

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