Libertad Digital Increases RPM by +243% with Outbrain’s Smartlogic

Success Story

Libertad Digital is a Spanish media group that advocates the right to free information and opinion in journalism. 


In partnership with Outbrain since 2019, Libertad Digital has improved organic recirculation and revenues thanks to Outbrain’s cutting-edge solutions, such as Explore More, In-Article, and more recently, Smartlogic.


To further improve monetization and editorial engagement, Libertad Digital implemented Smartlogic – Outbrains new serving logic that uses machine learning and AI to dynamically adjust the layout and format of content within Smartfeed, based on user preferences and partner KPIs. Smartlogic is an exciting technology that is able to personalize not only the content shown but also the entire user experience it is presented in.

The implementation of Smartlogic allowed Libertad Digital to optimize placements with a range of rich formats in a beautifully packaged experience to deliver high engagement and more efficient monetization for the media group. 


Libertad Digital has achieved excellent results over the last year:

Outbrain has become a key partner to monetize and drive engagement on our sites. We are very satisfied with the results achieved to date, which has allowed us to find the right balance between monetization and engaging audiences with our own editorial content. With Smartlogic we have seen amazing revenue uplifts and a more engaging and appealing recommendation experience for our audiences.

Antón Marquez, Commercial Director at Libertad Digital 

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