Car Rental Brand, Localiza, Reaches Its Most Attentive and Engaged Audiences with Outbrain

Success Story

Localiza is a Brazilian car rental company founded in 1973 in Belo Horizonte. Over its forty-year history, it has become the largest car rental network in Latin America and one of the largest in the world in terms of fleet size and market capitalization.


With the goal of generating qualified traffic outside the bounds of search and social channels, Localiza partnered with Outbrain. The objective of the campaign was to identify open-web audiences with high intent and attention for the brand’s newsletter.


Growing privacy concerns and user tracking limitations make it a priority for brands to seek cookieless solutions that optimize campaigns toward user intent, while also driving long-term outcomes. In its aim to connect with its most attentive and engaged audiences, Localiza tested Engagement Bid Strategy (EBS), Outbrain’s AI-powered, cookie-free performance optimization tool. In doing so, the brand was able to leverage its own user behavior and website data to reach the right audiences and prime them for action, without the need of any manual campaign optimization. Different ad creatives were delivered to audiences interested in travel, showcasing a variety of cultural experiences for them to visit.


Outbrain proved to be a top-performer compared to other channels, delivering strong results for session duration, bounce rate, and pages per session. 

Following the launch of our newsletter, we noticed a low-quality volume of page visits. We activated a campaign with Outbrain to connect our content to audiences that are ready to consume it. After just a few weeks, Outbrain became our partner with the lowest rejection rate, while achieving all performance metrics we set out. In addition, it is the paid source with the highest volume of subscribers to the portal’s newsletter. Since then, Outbrain has been part of our “always-on” strategy to drive quality traffic volume.”

– Gabriela Mansano, Marketing Coordinator, Localiza

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