Outbrain Helps Max Life Insurance Get 6X Qualified Leads with 10% Cost Reduction

Success Story

Max Life Insurance is one of the leading life insurance companies in India, offering comprehensive long-term savings, protection and retirement solutions through its high-quality agency distribution and multi-channel distribution partners.


Max Life wanted to incorporate native into its marketing strategy to drive more leads. The stronghold of finance clients encouraged it to partner exclusively with Outbrain and expand its reach with a focus on high-quality leads. 


Outbrain’s campaigns were optimized for both top and mid-funnel events, i.e. leads and quotes. 

In addition, multiple campaign tools and filters were used to ensure the leads generated were qualified, with a higher likelihood of conversion. These included: 

  • Conversion Bid Strategy: Semi Manual CBS helped to convert top-performing traffic
  • Device Targeting: Leveraged both desktop & mobile on different bids
  • Interest Targeting: Boosted user conversion rates
  • Lookalike campaigns: Reduced CPLs
  • Geo-Targeting: Delivered 2x conversion rate of top zip codes
  • Placement Targeting: Blocking all non-performing sites tightened the campaign and enhanced its performance 


During a six month period, Outbrain campaigns enabled Max Life to scale spends by 5.3X while maintaining cost efficiency. 

Native advertising has become an integral part of our prospecting strategy at Max Life Insurance. Outbrain’s premium environment, along with its best-in-class targeting capabilities made it a strategic partner for us. With their expertise, we were able to reach out to the ideal consumer base within this competitive landscape.” 

Aditya Satpute, Head Ecommerce & Digital Marketing

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