Outbrain Outperforms Display for Tourism Ireland

Success Story

Tourism Ireland was founded in 1998 by the Irish government and Northern Ireland parties to support tourism in Ireland. With a total of 160 employees, the company have offices around the world and provides detailed information on Ireland as a holiday destination.


Tourism Ireland in Germany worked with Outbrain to position Ireland as a holiday destination. Campaign objectives were to drive traffic and ultimately high quality users to its website, Ireland.com, at a cost effective price. High quality users were identified as having viewed at least two pages per visit, demonstrated low bounce rate, and good dwell time.


With Outbrain, Tourism Ireland used content to drive potential tourists back to the Ireland.com website. Through the content on its website, Tourism Ireland were able to drive high dwell times by inspiring users to explore holidays in the country.

The following was done to achieve this:

  1. Personalized content based on user interest. For example, users identified as being passionate hikers were sent information about backpacking in Ireland.
  2. Created plenty of content for users who have a broad but clear interest in visiting Ireland. Each month new content was uploaded to the site, and depending on performance it was optimized and earmarked for broader distribution. In cooperation with Outbrain, Tourism Ireland in Germany set a key metric to measure the performance of the campaign: the key indicator was cost per session without bounce.


The switch, from traditional banner advertising and other traffic-focused providers to Outbrain, significantly increased the number of visitors and user engagement on Ireland.com at a comparatively low cost. A 33% drop in the bounce rate meant that the cost per session without bounce was significantly reduced. New users were identified as having +335% longer dwell times, which means more time spent engaging with content and more page views per session (+67%). These results highlight the value of the quality content on the Ireland.com website.

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