Karcher Increases Brand Recognition by 81% with Outbrain’s Click-to-Watch

Success Story

Kärcher, a recognised supplier of powerful cleaning solutions, sought to position its high-performing household vacuum cleaners to consumers. Kärcher ran a video campaign promoting two models of its floor cleaners, the FC3 and FC5.


The brand chose to explore new ad formats that were more respectful of the consumer experience, selecting to test Outbrain’s Click-to-Watch video solution. Using this 100% opt-in format, the video ads were distributed across Outbrain’s network with ideal viewing conditions – in full screen with sound on.


Beyond video completion rates, Kärcher wanted to evaluate the impact of this format in terms of brand awareness; i.e. when a consumer opts in to watch the video, is there a better brand experience?

In partnership with Nielsen, a ‘True Engagement’ brand study was implemented to measure the impact of consumer behavior when exposed to the video content on the Outbrain network.

This study was conducted with two audiences: an “exposed” group (having watched the video) and a “control” group (not exposed to the video). Both audiences were targeted in the Outbrain network with a quiz.


The Nielsen study found stronger results with the group exposed to the video, resulting in higher engagement and interest for the Kärcher brand. This audience was more likely to associate Kärcher with floor cleaners, (+70%) while nearly doubling their purchase intent (1.81X). Moreover, Outbrain’s Click-to-Watch format enabled the brand to effectively communicate the benefits of its floor cleaners; particularly, the fact that they are suitable for all types of floors (+47%) and cordless (+43%).

At Kärcher, we are convinced that the video ad market must turn to formats chosen by consumers to be more engaging. For this reason, we are very happy with the Click-to-Watch experience, the excellent results in recall and brand preference prove it! We look forward to launching new campaigns with Outbrain!”

Florian Marguerie, Head of Communication and Digital Transition, Kärcher

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