What other placements does Outbrain use?

Beyond just promoting your content on our network of premium publishers, Outbrain also promotes content in other places to ensure that your campaigns are exposed to more audiences. You may find your campaigns serving on placements such as newsletters and platforms.

As content discovery and consumption habits evolve, so must publisher and marketer’s strategies to reach new audiences. By discovering new audiences in placements beyond just publisher sites, your campaigns can scale further and better reach their goals.

Newsletter Placements

As a way to continue to engage with their readers, many publishers offer newsletters that are sent out via email. Newsletters can contain articles, breaking news, updates, and more. Newsletters are always optional and users sign up to receive them. As a result, newsletter readers tend to be highly engaged.

Outbrain’s newsletter placements are units that appear in these publisher newsletters. The look and feel of those placements as well as the integration type are native, which means every placement is different.

Platform Placements

Platform publishers are publishers that we partner with that don’t use the same types of placements as most of our more traditional publishers.

Instead, they display Outbrain content within mobile or desktop apps, on mobile phone lock screens, or other placements that are not necessarily located within an article or even on a standard URL landing page at all.

You’ll see platforms appear in the Amplify Dashboard under the “By Section” drop-down in the Campaigns tab just like our other publisher sections. Platforms can appear in your reports in two ways:

1.) When your campaign is served on a publisher site through a platform partner, we include both the site name, and the platform that powers that placement.

2.) When your campaign is presented to your audience beyond a publisher environment such as device lock screens or home screens,  we’ll include necessary information to understand the placement experience.

As with any publisher, you can optimize your campaign to fit your goals. Whether it’s bidding up or down by section, optimizing for conversions instead of clicks, or using our robust targeting options, we help you reach the audience, in the right place, at the right time.

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