What are Outbrains Deal packages & offerings?

    Setting up a deal with Outbrain offers exclusive benefits that you cannot access anywhere else. Outbrain’s unique Smartad formats dynamically fit into the organic content that the consumer is engaging with. With a range of ad types, marketers are able to accomplish goals across each step of the marketing funnel. 

    Outbrain’s integrations with publishers are 100 percent direct, hard-coded site-wide. Outbrain’s technology is implemented directly onto the publisher’s page, giving us proprietary owned and operated inventory that’s initiated upon page load. 

    When using Outbrain’s deal offerings, you have access to hand-picked inventory that’s been curated to meet a wide range of advertiser goals. Our team also provides full campaign set up and troubleshooting guidance to ensure your deal performs as best as possible. 

    There are several standard deal options to select from, with custom pricing and reach information by country. Each deal will be effective for different types of goals. Therefore, we’ll work with you to first understand your advertising goals, desired targeting strategy and budget.

    From there, we can make an informed recommendation on the deal type and bid that you should leverage to achieve your goal. The “Floor CPMs” included in the Rate Card are just that — minimum bids. This means that you may need to bid a higher CPM, based on your goals.

    High-Impact Deal

    Our High-Impact Deal includes placements that are 100% Share-Of-Voice (single advertiser placements, without adjacent ads), either in-article, or in-Smartfeed, with placements appearing in-feed between organic content only. These placements are ideal for top-of-funnel campaigns, with attention to brand adjacency.

    Premium Placement Deal

    Our Premium Placement Deal gives marketers increased scale across prominent placements, including Top-of-Smartfeed, Top-Of-Widget, and High-Viewability (70%) placements. This deal is ideal for large-scale campaigns across various page placements.

    High-CTR Deal

    Our High-CTR Deal enables marketers to run exclusively across placements in the top 30% of the Outbrain network in terms of click-through rate. This package is ideal for bottom-of-funnel campaigns with engagement KPIs.

    High-Viewability Deal

    Our High-Viewability Deal enables marketers to run exclusively across placements with at least 70% + viewability, according to MRC standards. This specific deal is ideal for marketers primarily interested in driving views and impressions.

    Contextual Deals

    Our range of Contextual Deal types ensure marketers run on organic environments that are highly-relevant to their brands and campaign content. Contextual Deal types include: News, Business, Entertainment, Sports, Travel, Health, Lifestyle, and Technology.

    For more information on our deal offerings, rates, and reach, please reach out to your Outbrain representative. For campaign and creative best practices, please reference this help center article!

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