What are High Impact placements?

High Impact placements allow marketers to command audience attention with brand-exclusive units, both in-Smartfeed and in-article. These placements are ideal for marketers who want to eliminate brand adjacency and feature their content in more diverse placement types across publisher pages.

By ensuring marketer content appears only in single-ad placements surrounded by organic content,  marketers have greater control over where their content appears and can eliminate adjacency concerns.

How do I target High Impact placements?

Within your campaign set-up screen, scroll down to the Placement section. You’ll have the option to turn on the High Impact option.


It’s very important to note that if this switch is flipped to green, your campaign will run exclusively in High Impact placements. For this reason, High Impact placements are not best suited for marketers with extensive scale goals.

Are there any requirements for High Impact placements?

Yes, High Impact placements have a minimum CPC of $1.00 (USD).

Where will my High Impact campaigns run?

Campaigns targeting High Impact placements will be shown in brand-exclusive placements across Outbrain’s premium publisher sites, as described above. These placements appear either in-article (within organic publisher content) or in-Smartfeed, between two organic recommendations.

High Impact placements are always a single unit — your content will not appear next to advertiser paid content.

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