How do I troubleshoot my Programmatic campaign?

    So you’ve learned how to set up a campaign and reviewed our best practices article, and yet your campaign still isn’t spending or performing well? 

    Let’s get to the bottom of this! Start by going through our checklist below:

    1. Make sure your IO is activated and that your daily, monthly, and lifetime budget is entered correctly.
    2. Check that your line item is targeting only your specified deal, to avoid open exchange demand competing with your deal.
    3. Verify your campaign budget and starting bid.
      1. You’ll want to make sure that your bid is adequate to reach your target audience and KPIs.
    4. Next, make sure your targeting is not too restrictive, and that your filters are fully supported. 
      1. Are all of your targeting options supported on Outbrain inventory? For a refresher on what targeting options are supported, visit this help center article
      2. Avoid layering on too much targeting, and avoid using pre-bid filters, as they will interfere with campaign delivery.
      3. Avoid keyword and demographic targeting as these options will limit scale as well.
    5. Check your reporting. What is your bid rate and win rate?
      1. If your win rate is too low, try increasing your CPM. If your bid rate is too low, you might be using overly restrictive targeting.
      2. If you are experiencing a high amount of errors and timeouts, reach out to your Outbrain rep
    6. Verify that your creatives have been approved by your DSP and Outbrain – Please note, content rejections may be the reason why your campaign is not spending if you do not adhere to our content guidelines!  Please refer to this article for our content guidelines and best practices
    7. Begin removing restrictive allow and block lists.
    8. Check your frequency capping and ensure it’s not too low.
    9. Increase your bids by about 10—15%, gradually adjusting until your campaign begins to hit your KPIs and scale.
    10. Check your creatives:
      1. Test new images to see if other variations perform better Refresh your images to test if new variations perform better.
      2. Pause low-performing creatives.
      3. Correlate your creative performance to your strategy: Do certain images perform better for engagement, and others for awareness? Adjust accordingly.

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