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    What is Target CPA Conversion Bid Strategy?

    Interested in improving your Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA)? Then you’ve come to the right place! Select your Campaign Objective of either App Installs or Conversions to get started.

    What is Target CPA?

    Who Should Use Target CPA?

    How do I Enable Target CPA?

    How do I Control My Campaign With Target CPA?

    Why is My Campaign’s CPA Not Reaching My Target CPA?

    What is Target CPA?

    Target Cost-Per-Acquisition is one of three modes that Outbrain offers for auto-optimizing towards conversions within Conversion Bid Strategy. Target CPA is exactly what it sounds like – simply enter your CPA goal, and our system will do the rest.

    Target CPA works to keep your campaigns profitable by prioritizing cost per acquisition over getting the most out of your budget or maximizing conversions.

    Who should use Target CPA?

    If you are a performance marketer held to a strict CPA goal, then you would be a great fit for Target CPA! If you are looking to maximize conversions, and are less concerned about CPA, check out this Help Center article about Fully Automatic CBS.

    How do I enable Target CPA?

    During campaign setup, after selecting your Campaign Objective, and your Creative Format, there will be a section labeled “Budgets”

    There, you will see three options from a drop-down menu within the Conversion Bid Strategy: Fully Automatic, Semi Automatic CBS or Target CPA.

    Then, select your conversion (1) that you wish to optimize towards. For more information about the conversion setup process, please visit this Help Center article. If you’re looking for broader information regarding conversions and pixel implementation, please refer here!

    How do I control my campaign with Target CPA enabled?

    If your CPA stays high for several days in a row and you see that your campaign’s optimized CPC is not changing (or has little changes) – reduce your budget to a level you feel that our network can utilize. If your CPA is hitting or exceeding the goal, increase your budget to get more conversions!

    Why is My Campaign’s CPA Not Reaching My Target CPA?

    Have you noticed that your campaign’s actual CPA is not getting to your target CPA? This might be because of the lack of data for Outbrain’s algorithm to work. If so, you’ll see a notification under the Objective & Optimization section of the campaign screen of either “learning” or “low conversion data.”

    What does “Learning” mean?

    • If the system tells you that your campaign is “learning” this is OK – it just means that your campaign was launched recently and the system is still gathering data for optimization
    • Please note that the “learning” phase for Target CPA may last for about a week after launch

    What does “Low Conversion Data” mean?

    • If the system tells you that your campaign has “low conversion data” this means that recently your campaign has slowed to a low number of conversions 

    Please check the following campaign details to ensure that we can collect enough data to optimize towards your target CPA:

    • Is the pixel implemented correctly? For pixel implementation guidance, please check out this help center article
    • Is the pixel triggering on all platforms?
    • Is your funnel too long? Try adding more conversion pixels along the conversion journey to shorten the funnel

    Important to Note:

    • To bring you to your target CPA, while maintaining the highest number of conversions for that CPA, the system will adjust the CPC for each serving based on multiple data points, in addition to adjusting the campaign’s (base) CPC.
    • There are cases where the system can get more conversions within your CPA, therefore the system raises the CPC (you’ll see it as “optimized CPC”). When the Optimized CPC reaches the Maximum CPC threshold, the system will no longer be able to raise the CPC. If you want to get more conversions with your target CPA, you will need to raise the Entered CPC (we recommend raising it to be the same as the Optimized CPC) so that the algorithm can continue optimizing.
    • Not sure about how to best use Target CPA Conversion Bid Strategy? Check out our suggested best practices here!

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