How do I create Dynamic Titles?

Have you ever wished you could call out a potential customer’s location or mention a specific day in your headline?

With Dynamic Titles you can create ads that are more relevant and customized to your audience.

To use Dynamic Titles, simply type in a dynamic parameter by entering ${ (dollar sign + left curly bracket). These symbols will trigger the dynamic drop-down window, where you can select the desired macro.

List of dynamic macros currently supported on Outbrain:

  • ${country}$
  • ${region}$ 
  • ${city}$
  • ${dayofweek}$

For example, if you want to add a city and day to your headline, it should read: 9 Headline Tips to Use for Your ${City}$ Consumers this ${dayofweek}$

You are also able to add number of days to {dayofweek} macro by adding “+X” to the end of the macro name.

For example, if today is Monday, {dayofweek+3} would turn to Thursday

Please note that the use of Dynamic Titles carries its own set of requirements:

  1. While available globally, Dynamic Titles are only available in select languages:  English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Japanese. All other languages will display dynamic titles in English.
  2. If you do not use the proper syntax for dynamic titles, the user’s location will not display in the headline. Always add $ before and after the curly braces {} to trigger a dynamic title.
  3. In order to use location dynamic titles (such as ${city}$), you must include some way on the landing page for the user to select their location or the landing page must also be dynamic and populate/mention the user’s location in some way.

If you are uploading existing creatives, you can manually add in Dynamic Titles by using the proper ${ }$ (dollar sign + curly brackets) syntax in each cell.

Please note: for the Carousel format, Dynamic Titles are currently only supported in the cards and not the Carousel title.

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