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[Beginner – 105] How To Get Blog Traffic Quickly

Sometimes we want to promote a new product on our site or to deliver a message that soon won’t be relevant anymore. In these situations, you may need a way to drive traffic drive at short notice. In these cases, SEO, for example, won’t be an appropriate traffic technique, because search engines take time to index, rank and show results of new sites and pages. If you want to learn how to get blog more blog traffic in the short run, follow these steps.

Content Discovery Platforms

Using content discovery platforms like Outbrain can provide you with an effective way to gain targeted traffic. Through the creation and distribution of quality content, your site can see results within a short period of time. Google is focused on rewarding quality content and punishing sites involved in bad practice. The difficult challenge company’s face is learning how to create quality content and connecting it with the right audience. Using paid content and PPC platforms give you the opportunity to target your key audience to bring visibility to the content. If you want to learn how to get blog traffic, content discovery platforms provide a relevant, budget-friendly option.

Using Organic and Sponsored Social Media to get traffic

For companies looking for ways to get more blog traffic, the power of social media is vital. Using organic and sponsored social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter provide you with a unique opportunity to get in touch with your audience. Use your personal social media account to make a statement to your audience that you have started a blog. If you have created a business blog, set up social media accounts for the business and market your blog on these channels. The sponsored social media options allow you to target traffic based on demographics. For short-term marketing needs, sponsored messages can significantly increase blog traffic within a few weeks.

Connect with other companies and like-minded individuals on social media. Encourage them to share your recent blog posts. Use your personal account to share your blog post, and ask your friends to read and share it with their followers. This will help each blog post gain additional exposure and encourages social media interaction. If you want to learn how to get more traffic to your blog, spend time using social media as part of your marketing strategy. For many bloggers, social media is the single largest source of traffic, particularly in the early months after launch, when SEO is a less consistent driver

Creating a Viral Post in your blog

We have all seen a social media post that goes viral. If you want to learn how to get more blog traffic, spend time creating an engaging video or infographic that will get a lot of attention. Getting something to go viral takes creative thinking and the right social media connections. Find the individuals that have a large number of followers in your industry and ask them to promote your new infographic, video, or blog post. To encourage them to share your post, you must subscribe to their blogs and share their posts as well. Building online connections in this manner will go a long way to help the influencers trust you enough to help you market your site.

Memes are another easy way to get more traffic to your blog. Creating a meme is easy to do as you simply need to have a sense of humor, and target the right audience. Use Photoshop to help you create memes, upload them to your blog and social media account, and watch people share the content. One thing we do know about online audiences is that they love to be entertained. Start creating funny memes and you will get more blog traffic as people become anxious to find out what memes you will create next.

Participate in Conversations

Spend some time daily visiting other blogs. Leave comments on their blogs, and subscribe to their feeds. Start getting involved in the discussions with other blogs owners and readers. If you have a meaningful comment, people will be intrigued and will click on your blog. It is important not to spam other blogs with links to your blog as it can force people to block you from their blog comments. Several blog owners are participating in weekly link parties. If you want to get more traffic to your blog, weekly link parties are a great solution. You can meet several new blog influencers, and get the opportunity to share links with each other. Credible link building is one of the best ways to show the search engines you have a valuable website.

“Be a good web citizen and you’ll be rewarded with traffic, trust, and fans.”

(Rand Fishkin about participating in community discussions).

Email Lists

If you want to get more blog traffic, turn to your readers. It is important to send out emails to your subscribers when you have relevant content to share. Encourage new readers to sign up for the email newsletters. There are several plug-in features you can use with WordPress sites to encourage people to sign up for your email newsletters.


These methods are not a substitute for long-term SEO strategy, loyal readers and followers and everyday traffic-driving efforts. They will provide you with a method to learn how to get blog traffic in a timely manner. Companies seeing to generate traffic for the launch of a new product or event will benefit from these tips on how to get more traffic to your blog.

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