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[Beginner – 104] 3 Templates for Writing the Best Press Release

Using a press release is one of the best ways to gain valuable publicity, and spread your message to your customers. Creating the right press release for your industry is vital for it to be seen by the right audience.

While press releases were once picked up by news outlets only, they now gain attention from the news media, bloggers, and even podcasts. The right press release is great for SEO purposes as well as it gives your site another link and a ranking keyword. All businesses can benefit from the right press release distribution system. It is fairly inexpensive to tell your story or share a unique idea with your target audience.

Let’s take a look at the different press release templates; web press release, event press release, and small business press release.

Web Press Release

The web press release is basic compared to other press release formats. With a web press release, you will start by adding today’s date followed by the phrase “for immediate release.” Use an attention-grabbing headline followed by the city of origin and the date. Start the opening paragraph with a statement or question that clearly explains the purpose of the press release. Tell the reader why the information you are sharing is relevant, and why they should share your information.

The second paragraph will address the who, what, where, and when of the event. Include quotes from credible sources in the second paragraph as you focus on solving the question posed in the first paragraph. The final paragraph is a call to action. Include the bio information about the company following the call to action. Conclude the press release with your contact information.

Event Press Release Template

An event press release has a different format from others. You will start by adding “for immediate release” in the upper left-hand corner followed by your contact name, phone number, email address, and website domain. Across from the contact information you can choose to add a company logo. The title of the press release will follow. The title must be eight words or less and only capitalize the first letter.

Following the title, add a one or two lined subtitle. After the image, include a large image to the left. The actual press release will go to the right of the large image. Start with a compelling opening sentence, follow it with two large paragraphs explaining the details of the event, idea, or product.

Add a smaller image to the third paragraph followed by a fourth paragraph. The event details will be in larger print and bold following the fourth paragraph. Include the who, what, where, and when for the event details. Remember to add the contact information for the media along with any special instructions. After addressing the media, add information for the general public. Include a personalized note to the public, your contact information, and complete the press release with ‘###.”

This press release tends to be the one with the most mistakes as people often indulge on details. Remember to only cover the basics with your press release to keep your reader’s attention.

Small Business Press Release

When you want to send out a press release for small business needs, you must focus on a different format for the news media to touch it. Start out with your company logo in the top middle section of the page.

Include the company information following the logo in the upper left-hand corner of the press release. Follow the contact information with “for immediate release” and start out with a compelling headline. Do not go over 170 characters, and focus hard on creating a headline that will get a journalist’s attention. The sub-headline will follow, and you will then add the dateline before starting the first paragraph.

The body of the press release will need about three additional paragraphs, keep each to three or four sentences. You can include quotes or media contact following the third paragraph. The final paragraph will be called the boiler point. Include a short bio of the company to explain what you do. Use the end notation ‘###’ centered at the bottom of the press release.

Conclude with a call to action stating “for more information about this topic contact at <email> or <phone>.  No matter which press release format you need to use, always include the boiler point to get your audience to do something after reading the press release.

More tips to keep in mind!

Define Your PR Strategy

As you are creating a press release, you must take the time to define your PR strategy. What are you hoping to receive as a result of the press release? A web press release is often used to gain an authority link back to your website. Some people hope the web press release will be distributed on the Internet to provide them with compelling stories on blogs and other sites. Understanding what you hope to achieve from the press release will make it easier to write, and will help you target the right audience.

Dos and Don’ts of Press Release Writing

Creating a compelling press release is easy with the right template. Do not rush yourself as you could easily forget details that are pertinent to your event. Here are some important dos and dont’s to remember when you are writing a press release:

  • Do – give your press release an informative title. Your goal is to captivate the attention of your reader immediately.
  • Do – place your important facts right away. You need to address the who, what, where, and when of the event immediately.
  • Do – make sure your press release is written in a way to be accepted by the media. You must convey current news or events to gain their attention.
  • Do – find the right media for your story.
  • Don’t – use a press release for free advertising. You want to send out a press release when you have news to announce, not a link to gather.
  • Don’t – make your press release over two pages.
  • Don’t – send attachments with a press release.
  • Don’t – forget important details including the contact information.
  • Don’t – place an opinion in a press release. Keep it short, simple, and support it with facts.

Using the right press release for your intended audience will help you gain the coverage you need. Use this helpful outline to get started with your press release.

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