[Beginner – 105] How to market your SMB website with 9 easy marketing tips

Many small business owners struggle with the seemingly overwhelming task of managing their website. Using the right website marketing tips will make a significant difference in the visibility of your website. If you want to learn how to market a website, here are nine effective tips to follow.

1. Know Your Competition

Take the time to evaluate your competition. Review their websites, and find out what keywords are relevant for your industry. Understanding your competition will help you learn how to market a website as you find new ideas and take stock of what marketing efforts are working.

2. Focus on Content

One of the best website marketing tips to follow is to learn how to focus on content. You must include content on your website the customers want to read. As Google continues to make new changes to the algorithms, website owners are learning about the importance of quality content. The search engines scan the content on your website to determine if the content on your website is useful and valuable. When was the last time you added new content? Does your website have content that is worth reading? Are you adding new content that matches the goals of your business?

3. Use Video Marketing

An effective online marketing tool is to use videos. With a video, you can easily educate your customers quickly. Videos with the right message are typically shared on social media, via email, and through other methods. Use YouTube and other video marketing sites to help you gain the right visibility for your website. Videos provide you with an excellent opportunity to market your website by establishing yourself as the “source” of information in your industry. Creating how-to videos and other informative videos offer value to the customer and bolster your reputation.

4. Freshness

How often do you look over your website? Is the content fresh and relevant to your customers? Is the content outdated? You can gain ranking for content that has been on your website for years, but you do not want your last blog post to be three years ago!  The search engines track the content on the site, and they know how often you are editing and uploading fresh content to the website.

5. Accessibility

Is your website accessible for each search engine? Have you taken the time to create a website that is mobile-friendly? A skilled web designer can check the coding of your website to make sure it is following the accessibility guidelines.

6. Website Optimization

One way to market your website is by taking the time to optimize your site for the search engines. Correct website optimization will help you build a strong online presence, and will improve your overall ranking. Start by adding the right keywords to your website. Correctly add keywords to the title tags, meta descriptions, paragraphs, and image alt tags. Using the right SEO elements will make a significant difference on your website ranking, and will go a long way to building a prosperous site. Correct inbound and outbound linking is important to SEO. Focus on linking with other authority websites that will be able to boost the credibility of your website. If you choose to add a link to another website, make sure that website is valuable to your customers. The websites must be related to one another for the websites to properly reward you. The search engines are paying close attention to companies with too many outbound and inbound links. If you do not have relevant links, you risk having your website block-listed from the search engines.

7. Focused Linking

If you want to know how to market your website, focus your efforts on adequate linking within the site to build credibility. When you add new content to your website, link back to pages on the website that pertain to one another. Use links when you send out emails, Facebook posts, blogs, and press releases.

8. Engage the Readers

Do you work on staying in touch with your readers? Every time you upload a new blog, ask the reader a question. When you send out information on social media, do you take the time to interact with the followers? The more you engage and interact with your readers, the easier it will be for them to read and share your content.

9. Display Your Products and Services

When people come to your website, do they know what your company is about? Your homepage must clearly showcase your products and services. If you sell products through your website, use high-quality images to market the product. Using quality images will clearly showcase the professionalism of your company and will help you learn how to market a website through imagery.

Use these website marketing tips to increase visibility to your website. While it can take time for some SEO techniques to work, you may notice an increase in website traffic within a few weeks. For additional tips on how to market a website, check out the rest of our Content Marketing Guides & Tips!

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