How can I retarget my Outbrain campaigns using Google AdWords?

*This article currently applies to an older version of Google AdWords. If you are having trouble implementing the AdWords pixel, please revert to the prior version of AdWords before proceeding.*

Google AdWords is a great way to re-engage customers after they have left your site. Use our guide to integrate your Outbrain campaigns seamlessly with your retargeting efforts.

First, navigate to Google AdWords and click “Shared Library” –> “Audiences” –> “Remarketing List” in the left side menu.

Remarketing List

Choose the segment of users to begin creating your list. In the “Who to add to your list” section, choose the “Visitors of a page with a specific tag” option from the drop-down menu.

drop down menu

Select an existing tag or create a new tag.

Create new tag

Name your list, pick a “Membership Duration”, add a description, and save.

Save it

From the generated code, enter the following string into the 3rd Party Tag box in your campaign settings:

generated code

Your newly created list will now be available to view in your “Audiences” dashboard.

Important to Note

  • You can create multiple lists using different tags for different campaigns.
  • Your audience pool will need to have at least 100 people registered before you can use the retargeting list.
  • It’s recommended to target your Outbrain campaigns to ‘Desktop Only’ for accurate results.

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