How does Outbrain’s pixel track conversions?

There are a few methods the Outbrain pixel uses in order to track conversions. In light of browser-level changes, Outbrain has added additional functionality to ensure we record conversion events as efficiently as possible.

Outbrain uses either third-party or first-party cookies to track conversions. For certain internet browsers, Outbrain will drop a first-party cookie on your site to track conversion events. Outbrain’s pixel allows you to match users to conversions for up to 24 hours.

You can opt out of this functionality at any time within the Amplify dashboard — an opt-out is clearly visible on any screen where the Outbrain conversion pixel can be used or edited.

Please note that if you do turn off this functionality, it may result in a reduced ability to effectively track conversions.

Outbrain will continue its privacy obligations and user opt-outs irrespective of whether a third- or first-party cookie is being dropped.

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