What are Outbrain’s best practices for naming conversion events?

It can be overwhelming to keep up with naming convention guidelines across multiple partners. While there is unfortunately no “one size fits all” approach, we have our own set of best practices that will help to guide you when implementing conversion tracking on your Outbrain campaigns.

1. When tracking conversion events with a third-party partner such as AppsFlyer or Kochava, all conversion events must also be added to the Amplify dashboard (always include an “Install” event).


2. Outbrain does not support _ symbols in conversion event creation within the Amplify dashboard.


3. If you are tracking server-to-server (S2S) and the conversion event name contains a white space, replace with %20 when sending the postback.

  • For example, if the conversion event is named “Lead Generation,” the postback at the end of the URL should appear as: https://tr.outbrain.com/unifiedPixel?ob_click_id=UNIQUE_OUTBRAIN_CLICK_ID&name=Lead%20Generation


4. Keep track of event names across the third-party mobile measurement partner (or MMP) and the Amplify dashboard. Outbrain will need these naming conventions to accurately attribute postback conversions. Two helpful notes to ensure correct mapping:

  • Keep case sensitivity in mind when tracking S2S conversion events.
  • If the MMP is sending an event as Account_Created or Account%20Created, you cannot name the event AccountCreated within the Amplify dashboard. You instead must name it Account Created (at Outbrain, we treat clients’ _ or %20 symbols as a space).

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