[Intermediate – 110] How to Increase Traffic Through Link-Building

The internet can seem like a huge and daunting space for a business that wants to establish a presence in a sea of websites. There are millions of websites found on the World Wide Web, and each niche has its winners. That being said, achieving visibility via link building can be a great way to raise your website’s profile in order to garner more page views and eventually have this translate into new clients. In this post, we’ll take a look at some ways in which you can do some link building while keeping in mind the rules of this practice as well as the ethical requirements as put down by major search engines.

To begin with, let’s define what link building is. Put shortly, link building refers to a series of actions that one takes to ensure that your website is discoverable via a search engine or other website. This can include things like outreach via actions such as asking other bloggers to insert a link leading out to your blog into their posts, which in the end can increase the click-through rate of an article and other tactics which improve your content’s and website profile both online and offline.

Create a Blog

Link building can be done in various ways. To begin with, we’ll take a look at the importance of having a blog for your business website. Search engines value fresh content. By establishing a blog, you’ll be able to churn out fresh content on a regular basis which will make your blog and website more discoverable by search engines. This visibility will translate to more page views and the potential to gain brand visibility. Most clients are more likely to read your blog than the information contained in your website because blogs have gained a popularity given the way they present information in an easy and breezy manner. Please ensure to keep each blog under 500 words to make it palatable and easy to read.

Make Use of Social Media

The explosion of social media has led to a new kind of link building that wasn’t really present before the inception of websites such as Facebook. Most people have one or multiple social media accounts and companies are harnessing the power of this tool to encourage sharing. If you decide to create a blog, make sure to create a Facebook page where you’ll post articles as well as links to your blog posts on a regular basis. Social media shares can grow in volume within a short amount of time due to the massive use of this type of medium, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of it. Lastly, ensure that you have a dedicated social media team which engages your target market on a regular basis in order to keep them interested and up to date with your current projects.

Focus on Quality Content

Content is king. Search engine robots are always on the lookout for substantial and insightful content. It’s said that up to 60 percent of the internet is spam (i); given this statistic, websites and blogs which come up with well-written content get priority in search engines over other sites. Because of this, make sure that you’re always coming up with great, well-written content which can actually help your readers solve a problem in their lives or simply make their lives better if you’d like to increase website hits. If you’re not a great writer, hire one. The most important thing about content writing is that the person doing the writing needs to have a personable and unique voice.

Utilize FAQ Pages

Another link building strategy that’s highly effective is to come up with FAQ pages or downloadable resources. People love freebies, and they’d rather go to a central place to get all the answers to their questions. By creating a central resource page with links pointing to detailed posts within your blog or websites as adjuncts to these questions, you’ll be providing your readers with unmatched convenience, making it more likely for them to recommend your site to their friends and family.

People Love Freebies

On the point of freebies, you can have a popup appear once people access your site that gives your readers the opportunity to download a useful eBook or similar freebie. All they’ll have to do is to enter their email address to receive the freebie. If you have a large reader base, you can use this email list to send out newsletters as well as information about new products and services. Email marketing is a highly effective way of boosting your link building activities within a relatively short amount of time given the fact that most people use email on an almost regular basis.

Contact Other Bloggers

The internet has a social angle, and this is something that you need to recognize and utilize if you’re looking to engage in successful link building. Influential blog owners know each other, and they’re often in the business of giving each other link backs on a regular basis. This simply means that one blogger could ask the other to link back a post to their site. This can work wonders for your blog if your colleague has thousands of followers. Before you do this, please ensure that you have stellar and helpful content or else your efforts will be in vain. It takes time to develop relationships with influential bloggers, so please take your time to warm up to them before asking for a link back. Alternatively, you could ask to write a few guest posts and have them linked back to your site. Do enough of these and you’ll slowly start to see your rank rising in good time. Please ensure that blogs which link to yours should be relevant to your niche given the fact that the current Google Algorithm does not reward just any link; it does so based on relevancy and contextual value.

Lastly, please be aware that buying links is a practice that’s frowned upon by search engines. Despite the vastness of the internet, search engines deploy sophisticated algorithms to find out which sites have been buying links in order to rank highly. Once they’re found out, they get de-indexed and tumble into oblivion. At the same time, do not attempt to plagiarize content since this will only result in a penalty that may make it hard for you to get back up once you’ve been hit.


At the end of the day, link building relies on people sharing your content as well as providing your readers with something they can use in the here and now to make their lives better. Do your due diligence if you’d like to increase website hits, and sit back and watch as your website grows from strength to strength with each passing month.

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