[Beginner – 105] 5 Tips for Publishing on Major Sites Like TechCrunch, Forbes, and NY Times

Getting content published on a major online publishing website will help to increase traffic to your website, helping to boost attention to your brand; ultimately building your level of consumer trust and credibility. Whether a feature is about your business, blog, or website—the positive ramifications can be substantial. Unlike paid advertising, featured news about your contributions to your industry, brands you as an expert or up-and-comer worth listening to.

In the online world, all major magazines and newspapers have an online version. However, there are also many online-only publications that generate significant traffic; as well as print and online publications that feature expanded online content publishing. Just some of the online publications to strive for features in are: TechCrunch, Forbes, The NY Times, and Huffington Post

While the potential benefits are clear, the real question is how to get a content publishing professional’s attention? The steps below will get you heading in the right direction.

1. Networking

If it were easy to get your content published in a major online publication, everyone would be doing it—so you need to know where to begin. The best place to begin is by networking. Start by reaching out to your professional contacts to see if by any chance they know someone who works in a publication you are trying to secure a spot in.

If you have no luck there, it is time to do some homework. Research who the editor, journalists, and writers are, for the publications you most desire—and begin connecting with them on social media. Keep in mind that many journalist writes for multiple publications, so really expand your reach. Most online articles provide links to contact information such as LinkedIn or Twitter—but if a direct email address is present, send a brief email introducing yourself, your brand, and your business.

If the online publication you are trying to land a spot in is a local publication, look for opportunities to network in-person with reporters, editors, and writers that may give you an in. Some excellent places to network in person are at community and charity events. Also, consider joining more social networking groups to increase your visibility.

The key to successful networking is engaging on a personal level and offering something of value. For this reason, spend more of your time and energy pursuing connections with writers and journalists who post content about the industry your work in. It’s not that building a relationship with the food critic of a publication may not pay off for your fashion blog, but it is a matter of investing your time wisely.

2. Begin Writing Newsworthy Content

This next step is an important one. As you continue to network with your new contacts, you need to present them with information worthy of being published. While they may create their own content if they decided to select you for a feature article, they may also prefer to edit or tweak a press release that you submit directly to them.

What is important to understand is that a press release is not a sales heavy article, but a newsworthy story. It is written in the third person, and should not sound as if you the business or website owner wrote it. This is a critical mistake that most make when submitting press releases, so it is important to understand the format and guidelines for how to write a great press release.

That being said, press releases have much room for creativity and engagement. Some of the most popular topics of a press release are startup launches, acquisitions, and fundraising events.

As a blogger, business owner, or website owner it is easy to get caught up in the value that getting your content published will provide you, and forget to add value to the content publishing company whose attention you are trying to attract.

When networking with your new contacts, send relevant communication that is trending at the moment. This could be national trends, global trends, or industry trends. Find creative ways to brand yourself as an industry expert, and to link your business or blog to these current trends.

4. Research The Best Way To Get An “In”

Don’t be afraid to reach out to others to inquire about how they landed their spot in an online publication you are vying for. For example, TechCrunch has an email address that they encourage users to send their newsworthy information to. They then sort through these emails, and select from this group when publishing their content.

5. Be Persistent—But Not Pushy

There is a fine line between being persistent and pushy. While sending one email will not be enough to attract attention—sending an email every other day is overkill. Continue to comment on your new contacts social media profiles, send direct emails 1-2 times per month, and update your “newsworthy” portfolio on a monthly basis.

The tips above will help you to connect with the industry insiders in the content and publishing world. Just keep in mind that it will take time to secure a spot in a major online publication, but the benefits are well worth your time and energy.

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