Why is my URL Invalid?

Don’t take it personally; we think your content is great! But sometimes, a few things can raise a red flag in our system. Before resubmitting, check out a few common reasons why your content cannot be submitted.

Server Error

Your site may be experiencing a server issue that is preventing our crawler from accessing the page. Our system rejects links automatically when it detects a server issue that makes the page temporarily unavailable. Please check on your end to ensure there aren’t any issues before resubmitting.

Crawler Block

Servers look good? It may be the case that our system is unable to crawl your content because you’ve blocked our crawler or user-agent. Our crawlers need access to your site in order to pull the correct image and headline on the page. Not sure what whitelisting our crawlers means? Your IT team will know exactly what to do. Send over the crawler IPs below for whitelisting, then retry submitting your content.

Crawler IPs

  •   [ ->]
  •    [  ->]
  •    [ ->]
  •    [ ->]
  •  [ ->]
  •  [ ->]
  •    [   ->]


  • “Mozilla/5.0 (Java) outbrain”

If the issue still persists, please email support@outbrain.com in order for us to diagnose your specific issue.

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