How do I set up my first campaign?

Welcome to Outbrain Amplify! We’re happy to have you join our network and want to make it a cinch for you to begin your first campaign. Below, we have broken down each sign-up page with a few quick tips for you to follow along while creating your campaign.

By the end of this article, you’ll know how to:

Submit your Content
Add in your Campaign Settings
Finalize your Campaign

Let’s get started!

First, head to the registration page to select your country, enter your email address, and create a password. Be sure to choose the country that matches your billing address, as you will not be able to submit your credit card information unless it matches the country on this page. Outbrain is continuously growing, so if you receive a message that says we’re unavailable in your country, rest assured — we’ll be there soon!

Submit Your Content

Submit your content

Next, create a unique campaign name and add in your content. We recommend adding at least 6-8 headlines of the same piece of content, helping the system locate the top performer and drive attention to a specific page. Later on, when you have access to our easy-to-use “Variations” tool, you’ll be able to add creatives within seconds.

Click “Add Content” when finished. A drop-down will show a preview of your content, in case you want to edit it before submitting.
Image drop

To update the images, drag in an image or select the magnifying glass when hovering over the three dots. You can also duplicate the image for easier upload. To edit the headline, click on the text and change the wording. If you receive an error when inputting the content, please make sure our crawlers are not blocked and then re-submit.

Add in Your Campaign Settings

On the next screen, you can tailor the campaign settings to target your desired audience. Start with scheduling the campaign; here, you can choose to run the campaign on a continuous basis or between specific dates. We recommend running the campaign for at least a week to review the results. Setting the campaign to run continuously means it will remain active until you choose to disable it.

Then, set your CPC. We recommend starting with a CPC between $0.65 and $0.85. This range will help you achieve your campaign goals right from the start. Once the campaign is spending well, you’ll be able to lower the value by a few cents and maximize your budget.

Speaking of budgets, this value can be set between $20 and $200 daily, or else can be set to a monthly or campaign budget type with the same minimum and maximum restrictions, multiplied by the number of days. Read more about these budget types here.

After you have set up your CPC and budget, select the geo-targets and devices you wish to target. Our Reach Estimator will provide you with a 30-day potential reach and allow you to make smarter targeting decisions.

We recommend selecting one device per campaign to see which platform will drive the best engagement. Then, enter a tracking code to monitor your traffic in your Analytics platform. This is not mandatory, but it’s a great way to organize your data and see what content is driving the best engagement.

Finalize your Campaign

Finalize your Campaign

If everything looks good, click “Continue to Checkout” and submit your payment information. Your card will not be charged until you reach a certain spend threshold. Learn more about this here.

Remember, your credit card information must match the country you had entered on the first page of signing up. Double check that the information matches what your bank has on file to avoid any errors. If you still encounter an issue, try again in incognito (private) mode or from a different browser. Review your information in the right-hand bar to make sure you entered all your information correctly.

Everything looks good? Submit your campaign! Your content will now undergo a 1 business day review period, making sure that it abides by our Content Guidelines.

We look forward to seeing your content on the network!

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