How do I add content to my campaign?

    The process of adding content to a campaign is the same regardless of whether you are creating a brand new campaign or simply adding more content to an existing campaign. When creating a campaign, you will automatically get to the Content Creation screen after you select your campaign settings.

    If you’re adding new content to an existing campaign, you can do so by selecting the “Add Content” button at the top right of your dashboard.

    Dashboard- add content

    The Content Creation Screen has everything you need to create, edit, and preview your content.  You can add content manually or by Importing Existing Creatives. 

    You can also increase your CTR by using Dynamic Titles!

    Adding Content Manually

    For a quick walk-through video on how to create content, check out this video, or follow the steps below!

    To get started, add the URL of your landing page. If you select the ‘Load image and title from URL’ option, our system will try to pull your URL’s default image and title from your page’s metadata. This is optional and you can instead add your own titles and images.

    The Site Name is what appears under your ad’s headline. It’s pulled by default from your website’s metadata but you have the option to adjust it. Please note that the Site Name does need to be accurate and follow our Advertising Guidelines.

    The Title is the headline for your ad. You can easily add multiple headlines to create variations of your content which we highly recommend.

    To add an image you have several options. You can drag and drop the image directly onto the screen, browse for the image file on your computer, or add the image’s URL.

    Once you add your titles and image(s), you can see the content on the left side of the screen. You can duplicate or delete any of the ads. If you’d like to add a new URL, you can also do so by selecting the +New Content button but we recommend you only use one URL per campaign.

    On the right side of the screen, you’ll see a preview of how your selected ad can look in an Outbrain widget. Please remember that widgets do vary by publisher site so the preview is only an example of how your ad could look.

    Once you’re satisfied with your content, you can click the Submit button in the lower right corner to submit your content for review. Content Review can take up to 1 business day (not including weekends or holidays).

    Please note that if your content is pending review, you can edit it’s creatives.!

    Importing Existing Creatives

    You can also import your existing creatives by selecting the Import option.

    The Manual Import selection will allow you to paste your content directly from a spreadsheet.

    To import your content using a CSV, you’ll first need to Download the template provided to easily import the data.

    In the URL column, add a URL to each cell. In the Title column, add the corresponding headline per URL. Manually add in Dynamic Titles by using the proper ${}$ (dollar sign + curly brackets) syntax in each cell. In the Image URLs column, add the corresponding image URL. Finally, select the “Import” option, then “Add Content”.

    Please note that only the URL is mandatory! Any titles or images that aren’t added will be pulled from the URL’s metadata.

    Review your headline and images, making any necessary changes to those attributes before submission.

    Creating Dynamic Titles

    Ever wished you could shout out a potential customer’s location or mention a specific day in your headline? Well, now you can! Simply type in a dynamic parameter by entering ${ (dollar sign + left curly bracket). These symbols will trigger the dynamic drop-down window, where you can select a country, region, or city, as well as a day of the week.

    For example, if you want to add a city and day to your headline, it should read: 9 Headline Tips to Use for Your ${City}$ Consumers this ${dayofweek+2}$

    Please note that the use of Dynamic Titles does carry its own set of requirements:

    1. While available globally, dynamic titles are only available in select languages:  English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Japanese. All other languages will display dynamic titles in English.
    2. If you do not use the proper syntax for dynamic titles, the user’s location will not display in the headline. Always add $ before and after the curly braces {} to trigger a dynamic title.
    3. In order to use location dynamic titles (such as ${city}$), you must include some way on the landing page for the user to select their location.

    Important to Note:

    • In addition to URLs, you can also upload RSS feeds. However, the images and headlines cannot be edited because they are automatically pulled into the campaign. If you would like to set an expiration date for your content, email us, and we’ll set a freshness cap to keep the new content in a rotation.
    • Images you add to your campaign will be resized depending on what publisher your content appears on. Each publisher’s widgets vary and as a result, your image’s size will as well!
    • Our system won’t accept titles that are over 150 characters. To avoid performance issues, its best to keep them under 80 characters because otherwise they run the risk of getting cut off in publisher widgets.
    • If your content is pending review, you can edit it’s creatives.

    Have any questions? Reach out to our friendly Support team for assistance.

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