How do I implement Outbrain Pixel on Shopify using Pixoo Integration?

What is Pixoo?

Pixoo is the tracking integration available in the Shopify App Store that simplifies adding and managing Outbrain tracking pixels to the advertiser’s Shopify store. Using this integration, you can easily install tracking pixels without any programming knowledge.  

How do I use Pixoo? 

Pixoo helps you install the Outbrain pixel across your Shopify website simply by copy-pasting your pixel ID. To set up this Shopify app, follow the steps defined in this installation guide:

Can I track event-based conversions on Shopify with Pixoo?

Yes! Pixoo enables you to track event-based conversions on your Shopify website(s). 

  1. First, create the event-based conversions in your Outbrain account. 
  2. Then, use the Pixoo app to install the Outbrain pixel onto your Shopify pages.
  3. Once installed, you’ll be able to track those specific events directly on your Shopify pages in your Outbrain account. 

What is the price for Pixoo?

The Pixoo app offers a subscription priced at $7.99/month. Please refer to the Shopify App Store for up-to-date pricing info and support. 

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