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Tailoring Your Content to Keep Up With Summer Travel Trends

Think your industry or existing content can’t possibly be relevant to a trending period like summer travel? Think again. All it takes is a little creativity. There are two ways to go about this – create new content or spin your existing content to fit the bill. Let us count the ways (and with examples too!).

1. Switching up your headlines to reflect the upcoming season.

Find the connecting thread between your vertical and the seasonality you’re trying to incorporate and test multiple variations of that. Word Mapping is helpful in doing this.

  • Finance & Business:
    • 9 Ways to Make Money While You’re on Vacation
    • 10 Best Beaches to Spend Your Tax Return At
    • The Best Way to Exchange Currency for Summer Travel
  • Technology:
    • Use Your Smartphone to Avoid Common Travel and Vacation Scams
    • 7 Apps To Organize The Perfect Summer Itinerary
    • How The New Google Calendar Update Will Affect Your Travel Plans
  • Healthcare:
    • The 8 Best Workouts You Can Do on Vacation
    • Summer Glow: The Delicate Balance Between Sun and Skin
    • Sunscreen – what do all those numbers actually mean?

2. Using summer travel inspired thumbnails and photographs to help your readers make the connection right away between your content and the travel season.

Did you know articles with images get 94% more views?

Try images like these to help your readers make the connection right away between your content and the travel season or determine your own using sites like PicMonkey or Unsplash


3. Creating branded guides, checklists or infographics from your content that can be tied to spring and summer travel. These assets have potential to become tangible resources for travelers. Create your own from scratch or use sites like Canva or Piktochart for this.

LearnVest, a financial planning service, does a great job of incorporating finance and traveling with this creative and relevant spin on typically unrelated content.

Nationwide, an insurance company makes a compelling case for veterinary pet insurance using the infographic below to tie in common summer hazards for pets and how insurance could benefit man’s best friend.

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