What is the “Run on MSN exclusively” feature?

Outbrain is installed on thousands of publisher sites and we’re always adding more to give your ads the opportunity to be served on the most compatible sites from around the world.

Among our largest news and media publishers partners, MSN proves to be one of the greatest in terms of performance for mid and lower funnel KPIs. The “Run on MSN exclusively” feature allows you to simply target this high impact, brand safe inventory.

Why choose to run on MSN exclusively?

With a single click, you’ll now have the ability to duplicate or filter your campaign on MSN network. This is just a more seamless and smarter way to buy more MSN inventory and help you reach your goals. 

Due to the specificity of the MSN inventory, taking a slightly different approach can help you achieve greater results. In a nutshell, MSN provides:

  • High visibility pages – MSN homepage, Edge homepages & article pages.
  • Brand safe environment – Among the strictest advertising guidelines in the Native space.
  • Impactful formats – High impact and engaging placements.
  • Superior performance – Higher conversion rates on average in the Outbrain network.
  • Global footprint – 40+ markets worldwide, 20+ languages, 500 million readers every month.

Below are just a few examples of MSN ad placements:

This feature is part of the campaign creation process, and can be found under the “Advanced placements & targeting” section:

‘MSN exclusively’ Best Practices

  • We recommend activating this feature on campaign duplicates or entirely new campaigns, rather than adding it to an existing campaign.
  • Use a slightly higher CPC than your other campaigns to remain competitive. You can always lower it depending on how your campaign is performing.
  • The vast majority of the MSN audience/inventory is on Desktop. As such, this feature should only be used for campaigns targeting Desktop. If you activate this setting with Smartphone as your selected device, you will receive a warning, as this will severely limit scale and therefore could negatively impact performance.
  • Keep an eye on your reach and don’t use too many other targeting along with the feature.
  • Make sure your content complies with the MSN advertising guidelines. You can find them all here.

**Important Notes** Some of the Amplify formats and features are not supported on most of the MSN inventory. If you are using one of the following features, please make sure not to run an “MSN Exclusive” campaign:

  • Image Editor
  • Clip
  • Carousel
  • App Install
  • IAB category targeting
  • Keyword targeting

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