[Beginner – 105] How to Create a Killer Press Release for Your Business

Press releases make announcements on new products, services, entry of a new firm, events scheduled to take place and so forth. Normally, a press release is addressed to people who work in the media industry. Creating a press release is a cost-effective way to help build your brand. If you want to learn how to create a press release, use the following tips.

  • Headline/Title – Choose a topic that is newsworthy. The title of your press release should be around 100 characters or less (read more about headlines length). Include the primary keyword in the headline, and keep it short and simple to attract attention.
  • Summary Paragraph – This paragraph must be around 300 characters. It will need to briefly touch on the main point of the press release. Italicize the summary paragraph, and make sure you briefly explain why the information is newsworthy.
  • Location and Date Line – Under the summary paragraph include the location and date. Where is the business located, and when is the press release being submitted? Always put it in the month, day, and year format.
  • Body – when creating a press release The body of your press release has to address the target audience and solve their problem. Each paragraph should include three or four sentences, and the entire body should only have about three paragraphs. Focus a single idea per paragraph, and highlight only the key points of the idea you are promoting. Paragraph two should offer specific features and user benefits of the product or service. Paragraph three explains how the product functions. Paragraph four should have a quote that explains why your product or service is different from any other solution on the market. Finally, paragraph six should include a quote that explains your reason for launching this product or service and how you hope it will help your customers.
  • Company Information –It is important to include a single paragraph that discusses factual information about the company.
  • Contact Details – The last paragraph will include contact information for the readers. Include the name, phone number, email, and social media connection.

Building Content for your press release

When you create a press release, you must focus on factual, interesting content. Some people find it is easier to create the body of the press release before the headline. It is important to include some quotes of people within the company, along with figures to back your words. The press release will go out to the media, and they want to get right to the facts. Filling a press release with fluff information will not bode well for your company, and can end up hurting you from obtaining future news stories.

Keeping a Professional Tone

The press release needs to focus on a high level of professionalism. Sending out a press release that is designed mostly to promote a product, or build hype, can easily be tossed by news reporters. Avoid making the press release into an advertising promotion and focus on sending out information that will inform, and motivate a news reporter to do a story on your company.

Creating a Press Release: Define Your Company

It is vital to spend time crafting the about us section of the press release. This section should be at the very end of your release. Limit that to a single paragraph. Mention the services, products, location, management, years of experience in the industry and so on. Do not forget the principles your company stands for. At times, people may refer to this as the mission statement or vision statement for the company. Provide a link to the company’s website, but do not embed the link in the press release.

5 Ws and the H

When you are learning how to write a press release for a business, it is wise to sit down and focus on the 5Ws, and the H.

  1. Who, mentions the name of the firm e.g. XY Productions
  2. When, indicates the time of occurrence e.g. first week of December
  3. Where, stipulates all places that will be affected e.g. tomorrow
  4. What, defines the purpose of the release e.g. XY Productions is unveiling a documentary
  5. Why, tells readers the reason the information is news to them
  6. How, details the order of activities

Sending a press release for a business is different from sending a personal one. You need to make sure you are using an appropriate tone. Sending out a press release to gain a link in Buzzfeed will be different from a press release you expect to be covered by the New York Times.

Don’t forget a call to action

A key component of creating a press release is to spend time creating a call to action. You need to focus on getting the readers to do something after reading your press release. Do you want to send them to your website for more information, or are you hoping for them to call the company directly? The call to action is a major point of the press release as this is the reason for sending out the press release.

In conclusion, when you are learning how to create a press release, it is vital to focus on what your audience wants. Simply sending out a press release without newsworthy information is not going to build credibility for the company. Take the time to carefully construct a press release that will give your company the right visibility, and credibility with the media.

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