How do I edit my content?

Need to make a change to your content after you’ve already submitted it for review? Or, were you told that your content needs some edits before it can serve on our platform? You can edit content if you need to adjust your creatives (your ad titles, images, or site name) and you can also resubmit your landing page if you had to make adjustments.

How do I find out if I can edit my content?

To find out if your content can be edited and resubmitted for review, first go to the By Content view for the desired campaign (this view will also show you the campaign performance breakdown by your content!).

Next, look under the Approval Status column for the status of the individual content.

If the Approval Status is Approved, it means the content was approved by our team and can run. You’re able to edit an approved ad, but it will then need to go back through our review process.

If the status is Rejected, it means that the content was rejected and cannot be edited or resubmitted. Rejections are due to to prohibited categories, controversial content, and more. Check out our Advertising Guidelines for more information. Rejected content cannot be edited.

If the status is Pending, it means the content is pending review by our Content Review team (which takes up to 2 business days, not including holidays or weekends). You can edit pending content.

If the status is Edit Required, it means that the content needs edits before it can be re-reviewed by our team.

How do I edit my content?

To edit your content, first select the eligible content you want to edit. Next, select the Edit button in the upper left-hand corner.

You’ll be taken to a content edit screen that’s similar to the content creation screen. You’ll notice that on this screen, you can only edit the ad title, ad image, and site name. Please note that you are not able to edit an ad’s URL. If you’d like to change an ad’s URL, you must create a new ad.

Once you complete your edits, click the Submit button in the lower right-hand corner. This will submit your edited content to the Content Review team to be reviewed. Reviewing edited content will take up to 2 business days.

The Approval Status of your content will change to Pending.

How do I resubmit content?

If your content’s status is “Edit Required” due to an issue on your landing page, you can resubmit it once you make the landing page correction without needing to make any changes to your titles or images. To do so, select the content you’d like to resubmit and select “Resubmit”.

Editorial reasons that may cause your content to be Edit Required can include:

  • Missing links to a Privacy Policy
  • Missing links to a Contact Us page
  • Incomplete Contact Us page
  • Misleading or non-functional navigation

Key Takeaways

  • Only content that has the status of Edit Required or Pending can be edited
  • Reviewing edited content will take up to 1 business day (not including weekends or holidays)
  • Destination URLs cannot be edited

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