What are Outbrain’s Best Practices for Creating Content?

    Unfortunately, there’s no magic recipe when it comes to creating highly engaging and converting content, but, we do have some tricks up our sleeves! Check out our content best practices below and for more information about our advertiser guidelines, please refer to this article

    Headline Best Practices:

    • Outbrain supports headlines up to 150 characters. However, we recommend between 70-90 characters (the shorter the better)
    • Use questions to encourage engagement
      • Example: Looking to Invest Your Money? Read Here for Advice
    • Include numbers when relevant, specifically odd numbers (10 and under)
      • Example: 5 Powerhouse States Reducing Emissions From Power
    • Try using dynamic headlines to personalize the user experience. Dynamic headlines can be location-based or include day-of-the-week
      • Example: ${city}$ Loves This Mattress
      • Example: Sale on Cars This ${dayofweek}$ at New York Auto
    • Include your target audience in the headline to pre-qualify users without reducing your scale
      • Example: Millennials: Are You Looking to Buy a House?
    • Negative words such as “never” “worst” and “avoid” tend to perform better than positive words
      • Example: 3 Things to Avoid When Car Shopping

    Things to Avoid in Headlines:

    • Do not promise anything in your headlines without a trusted resource
      • Example: 9 Out of 10 Doctors Recommend Our Product (with no data/hard facts)
    • Excessive or missing capitalization
      • Example: “LEARN MORE.” A correct replacement would be “Learn More.”
    • Inaccurate, misleading, or overly sensational headlines
      • Example: One Weird Trick That Will Melt Away Belly Fat

    Image Best Practices:

    • Dimensions: 1200 x 800px is the supported image size for Outbrain inventory
    • Images should have a 1×1 pixel ratio
    • Always use a high-resolution image
    • Lifestyle images tend to perform better than cartoons or stock images
    • If you’re promoting a product, try including it in the image – something tangible that’s displayed in an attractive way engages consumers to click
    • Portraits work better than people in action
    • Try using close-up images rather than wider shots

    Things to Avoid in Images:

    • Avoid using images with text in them
    • Do not use images that are unrelated to the headline and/or landing page
    • Avoid logos or promotional messaging

    Landing Page Best Practices:

    • Always lead to relevant landing pages to avoid high bounce-rates
    • Limit “click out” opportunities such as ads, and pop-ups that drive away from the main goal
    • For lead generation, drive to sign-up landing pages
    • If your goal is to drive sales, drive to product or service pages
    • For brand awareness, leading to earned media tends to perform well
    • For conversion-focused goals, include easy-to-spot call-to-actions

    Carousel Best Practices:

    • Create Carousels with 3-5 cards as users tend to drop off after that
    • Test different CTA’s
    • Lead to several landing pages within the Carousel

    Video Best Practices:

    • For longer-form videos (:30-5:00) use Click-To-Watch video because the user is initiating the view and is in consumption mode
    • For shorter-form videos (:05-:30) use Outstream video

    For campaign best practices, please refer to this Help Center Article.

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