How can I drive clicks across all title variations?

After a few days of activity, you may find that one of your titles has the highest click and impression rate and has absorbed most of your budget. This is because our system will filter out the best performing content and serve it more frequently to pique your audience’s interest.

When this happens, there are two things you can do to optimize your campaigns in order to drive more clicks across your different title variations:

If you want to optimize your current campaign…

Create variations of the top-performing piece. Use our Variations tool to add in creatives with similar keywords and images, and draw inspiration from the titles that are garnering the most clicks. As you add more titles that resonate with your audience, disable the lower-performing pieces to ensure your budget is geared towards the newer additions.

If you want to drive more attention to your lower-performing pieces…

Create a new campaign! Our system has already optimized your current run to the top-performing title, so it is recommended to add your lower-performing pieces to a new campaign. This way, our system will pick out a new high-ranking piece that you can further optimize your performance on. As always, make sure to add in at least 6-8 titles and start with a competitive CPC for your new campaign.

Want further tips?  Reach out to our DIY Customer Success team and we’ll be happy to guide you along!

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