Which Bid Strategy is right for my Campaign Objectives?

    Start by selecting your Campaign Objective, for more information regarding Campaign Objective visit the “Campaign Creation” Help Center article. By choosing your Campaign Objective, you have automatically opted into Bid Strategy. Selecting an “Awareness” or “Traffic” Campaign Objective will automatically optimize towards “clicks” within Bid Strategy. Selecting an “App Install” or “Conversions” Objective will automatically optimize towards “Conversions” within Bid Strategy.

    What is Conversion Bid Strategy?

    When selecting Conversions or App Installs as the objective, you have the ability to run your campaign on Semi Automatic, Fully Automatic or Target CPA Conversion Bid Strategy.

    Semi Automatic will bring traffic to the highest converting sections while Fully Automatic will maximize the number of conversions within your budget. Target CPA will optimize towards your CPA goal. For more information about Semi Automatic CBS , click here. To see if Fully Automatic CBS is right for you, check out this Help Center article. Finally to learn more about Target CPA, visit this page!

    Which Bid Strategy should I use?


    If no conversion is created, you will be given the option to create a conversion within the campaign set-up.

    If no conversion pixel is implemented, the system will optimize based on prior network learnings. Although you no longer need to have a conversion set up to use Conversion Bid Strategy, it’s highly recommended to add at least one, but preferably two that are part of the same funnel. It is a best practice to include both lower funnel/hard (0.5%-2% CVR) and upper funnel/soft (10%-20% CVR) conversion types.

    PLEASE NOTE: If the Outbrain conversion pixel is not implemented on the landing page, conversions from browsers that do not support 3rd party cookies (such as Safari) will not be able to count conversions.

    Note that conversion pixels with 40% CVR or more should not be selected for optimization, because there is nothing for Bid Strategy to optimize towards if most clicks result in a conversion.

    You should then set your base CPC, which the system will use for the optimization of bidding according to the strategy that you chose.

    How can I tell which campaigns are running on what optimization mode?

    On the homepage, under “Campaigns” you will now see a column added for “Objective & Optimization” which shows what the Campaign Objectives are for each campaign and what they are optimizing towards.

    Furthermore, within the CPC column, for those campaigns that are running on Fully automatic, it will show entered (ie, your base CPC) vs the optimized CPC, or the one that the algorithm is setting is using for bidding.

    Important to Note:

    • Consider removing your section-level CPC adjustments, since these override the system’s CPC auto-optimization in this bid strategy. The sections that have manual adjustments will not be included in the A/B reporting and may lead to a reporting discrepancy.
    • Don’t have enough conversions yet? Setup Conversions Bid Strategy anyway! Even if you don’t have enough conversions now, your campaigns will just run using your base CPCs. Then once you do have enough conversions, the Bid Strategy will automatically kick in!

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