How do I use Account Settings in the dashboard?

You can utilize the Account Settings tab on the left-hand side of the dashboard to customize Campaign, Content, and Conversion settings. Once you set these preferences, they will be applied across all new campaigns that are launched from your account.

Campaign Settings

  • Suffix: You can enter your suffix tracking code for campaign-level tracking
  • 3rd Party Pixels: Looking to capture your Outbrain campaign data and deliver it to outside platforms? Simply add your pixels here to help facilitate performance and measurement
    • For more information, visit this Help Center article that explains 3rd party pixels more in-depth
  • AdBlock: If you wish to exclude AdBlock users from seeing your content on new campaigns, check off the box here
    • Please note, we do our best to ensure your content isn’t served to these users. However, when users target specific publisher sites, we are unable to detect an ad blocker, which may result in a small portion of traffic coming from these sources

Content Settings

  • This is your brand, business or product name
  • Changes will affect newly created content only
  • For more information on content creation, please refer to this Help Center article

Conversion Settings

  • Conversion Attribution Window: The maximum number of days between click and conversion
  • Converters Segment: Check this box to create an audience pool of all of your converters over the past 30 days
  • Need additional information on conversions? Read more here.

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