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How do I set up mobile app conversion tracking with Kochava?

In order to track mobile app engagement on your Outbrain campaigns using Kochava, please use the following step-by-step guide:

1. Generate your Kochava tracker URL following the below steps:

  • Within Kochava, select Links > Campaign Manager.
  • Click “Add a Tracker” (here, you will also define the Default Destination URL).
  • Enter a name for the tracker.
  • Select Tracker Type > Acquisition.
  • Select Outbrain as the Media Partner

Sample URL:


Please note, the following should be used as the ad URL, as the campaign_id parameter defined by Kochava is necessary to specify the app:

https://control.kochava.com/v1/cpi/click?campaign_id=myapp-ios-123456789 should be used as the ad URL, as the campaign_id parameter defined by Kochava is necessary to specify the app

2. Share the events you’d like to track after postback URLs have been created:

  • Select Apps & Assets > Partner Configuration.
  • Click “Add a Configuration.”
  • Select Outbrain as the Media Partner from the dropdown menu.
  • Click “Go” to continue.

3. Create the conversion events within the Amplify dashboard. Please note, an “Install” event must also be created.

4. You or your designated Outbrain Account Manager will create the campaign based on the Kochava tracker URL.

Sample Ad URL:


Sample Tracking Parameters:


5. In the case you’d like to direct users to a landing page, a separate click URL must be created within Kochava to do so.

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